The list of New York artists who died of AIDS over the last 30 years is countless, and the loss immeasurable.
Last Address uses images of the exteriors of the houses, apartment buildings, and lofts where these and others were living at the time of their deaths to mark the disappearance of a generation. The film is a remembrance of that loss, as well as an evocation of the continued presence of these artists work in our lives and culture.

Ira Sachs – director
Lucas Joaquin – producer
Michael Simmonds – cinematographer
Brian A. Kates – editor
Damian Volpe – sound
Jonathan Boyd & Andrei Alupului – production assistants

Special thanks also to Lynne Sachs, Sofia Gallisa, Travis Bogosian and Jeremy Meckler for additional assistance with the artists’ bios.

For information on the artists, and support on this project, we thank:

Penny Arcade
Julie Ault
Laura Barnett
Bernhard Blythe
Roddy Bogawa
Eric Bogosian
Hal Bromm
AA Bronson
Steve Buscemi
Brian Butterick
Linda Chapman
Jonathan Cohen
Jane Comfort
Douglas Crase
Willem Dafoe
Katherine Dieckmann
P. David Ebersole
Richard Elovich
Avram Finkelstein
Jim Fouratt
Norman Frisch
Carl George
Affonso Gonçalves
Brad Gooch

Marie-Therese Guirgis
Duncan Hannah
Keith Haring Foundation
Daniel Haughey
Vic Hernandez
Kristian Hoffman
Bill Horrigan
Melinda Hunt
Joe Jeffreys
Tom Kalin
Esther Kaplan
Matt Keegan
Belinda Killough-Gordon
Kathy Kinney
Debra Kletter
Matt Levine
Mitchell Lichtenstein
Shane Luitjens
Alix Madigan
Ann Magnuson
Jaime Manrique
Richard Meyer
Oren Moverman
April Palmieri

Lola Pashalinski
Everett Quinton
Emily Russo
Lynne Sachs
Amy Sadao
Nelson Santos
Terry Savage
Lori E. Seid
Lucy Sexton
Don Shewey
Geoff Stier
Sue Stoffel
Sean Strub
Bill Sullivan
Boris Torres
Guy Trebay
Douglas Turnbaugh
Steven Watson
Andrew Wiley
James Wood
Linda Yablonsky

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